UAV Processing

These videos show photogrammetric processes using AgiSoft Metashape software. AgiSoft is one of many desktop and cloud photogrammetric subscription services to process UAV. Drone2Map (ESRI) will eventually show up here, once I can access it.

Note, typically a high end computer with “lots” of resources is often required. Lower end machines will require many more hours to process large quantities of UAV imagery. Here is AgiSoft’s computer resource recommendations.

Some common subscription services are:

Using AgiSoft and Loading UAV Imagery

This video shows how to start the AgiSoft Metashape software. I created this video when accessing the software through a Virtual Machine (VM) client. NOTE: A VM client is not required. Normally, the software is installed on a local machine.

UAV Photogrammetric Processing

This video shows the bulk of the photogrammetric workflow using AgiSoft. I found this workflow a little easier than the OrthoMapper software in Pro.

AgiSoft Data Export Products

This video show the various data that can be exported (typically, the orthomosaic, DEM, and point cloud). All of these are referenced to the geographic coordinate system defined in the photogrammetric process and can be used in Pro for other processing/use.