Welcome to JenningsPlanet!  I post various areas of interest and expertise on this site.

Just added 2022! – Links to Free PDFs of all of the Python Primer for ArcGIS Workbooks and zip files containing all of the demo scripts, data, Pro Projects, and Jupyter notebooks for most of the subjects and chapters.  Most Python subject pages contain links to the zip files and PDFs.  See the Python Primer menu link above.  More will be added as time permits.

Updates for 2021 – How to/Education section (ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, Python, and Remote Sensing).  You will find videos for different courses and work I do.  I am adding content as time permits.  Send me a note for additional suggestions.  I changed my website template, so there is a little bit different look and feel.

I hope you find some interesting information here.  You can also click on the other links to find me on other sites and social media.

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