Point Cloud/LiDAR Processing

These videos cover some data processing basics related to point cloud (aka LAS Dataset) and LiDAR data processing (which often comes in the form of point clouds in the LAS data format, a common format to store LiDAR and derived point cloud data from photogrammetric processes.

The examples shown below used point cloud data derived from UAV photogrammetric processing. The same methods can be used with LiDAR point cloud data.

Creating and Using a LAS Dataset

This video shows how to create an LAS dataset using several LAS point cloud files. Once a LAS Dataset is created, other tools on the Pro ribbon interface can be used to style and review the data.

Using a LAS Dataset in a Local Scene

This video extends the use of the LAS Dataset by viewing and using it in the “3D” option (i.e. Local or Global scene) within Pro. This video shows how one can use some of the other tools in the Local scene to view the LAS data set in perspective mode, rotate, and drape other data over the LAS dataset.