Image Processing Basics

Use this images and files/feature classes in this zip file to practice the image process routines found on this page.

Image Processing Basics Data:

Image Clip

This video show how to start a new ArcGIS Pro project from scratch, connect to a folder with data in it and then clip an image using a polygon feature class.

Image Composite

This video continues with the same Pro project, but uses the Composite tool to create multi-band images from individual image bands (that reference a specific wavelength). The user is introduced to change the band combination for viewing the image in the map tab. This operation is performed several times so the user can see how to work with individual bands. The video concludes with the user using the Composite tool to create a 6-band image of the full set of Landsat bands and how to change the symbology to display 3 of the 6 bands the user desires.

Image Mosaic

This video is the final of 3 Intro vides working with imagery in Pro. The Mosaic tool is used to create a larger image of 4 different adjacent images. This is typical if a project area covers more than one image. This tool should not be used to load large quantities of imagery into an SDE database or create a Raster Mosaic. Other tools exist for these actions.