Style Map Layers

Style a Map Layer by an Attribute

Once map layers exist in the Contents of a Map tab, the analyst may want to change the styling of the layer.

This video shows how to use an attribute (i.e. a data column) from the attribute table to use for the style and then make a basic symbol style change (in this case for a point feature).

Discover and Add a Style to Pro

Pro is installed with on a couple of basic styling options that are commonly used and can be useful for many purposes.  For those interested in adding additional published “styles,” these can be discovered in Pro and added through searching ArcGIS Online (from the “Portal” options in the Catalog View) similar to finding map layers on the web or one can “download” and then “Add” the style to Pro.


Add styles from ArcGIS Online – scroll down to the section referencing Adding styles from ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise

Gallery for ESRI Styles – This link provides a listing of various styles ESRI and other produce.  This gallery list is the same list that is “discoverable” within Pro.  The list contains some “interesting” styling options (NOTE:  May not be applicable in some situations).

The video below shows the method of searching for styles within Pro and then adding them to a Pro Project.