Start Pro and Create a Project File

Start Pro

Several methods can be used to Start Pro.

  1. Click on the Windows Start icon in the lower left of the screen.
  2. Type “ArcGIS Pro” or “Pro” in the Search Box. ArcGIS Pro will typically show at or near the top of the list.

The screenshot below shows the Windows Start icon and the Search Box. Click on the Windows Start icon in the lower left corner and then search through the list of programs for ArcGIS Pro (which is within a program group called ArcGIS.

Start ArcGIS Pro from Windows Start Button

(Alternatively,) type ArcGIS Pro (or Pro) in the Search Box in the lower left, then choose ArcGIS.  The program will launch after clicking ArcGIS Pro.

Sign into Pro by Windows Search

Activate Pro (logging into Pro)

Once Pro is started, click Sign In with your ArcGIS Online username and password (you or your organization may have created this for you).  For organizations with ArcGIS Enterprise you may have your Active Directory account connected to authentication software).  This option is not often used for college or training classes.

Once signed in, the upper right will show the person’s name and related institution (organization).

Note, if a user (computer user) remains connected to the Internet, the next time a user starts Pro, he/she may not need to login, Pro will automatically connect.  One can also sign out and sign in with a different organization set of login credentials (provided a specific user has multiple associations with different organizations).  Most of the time, this is not the case.

Create a Pro Project File

New projects typically require a “new” Pro project file. For learning and experimenting projects can be named and saved to the default location which is: C:\usrers\<user name>\Documents\ArcGIS\Projects. In reality, you don’t often want to save projects to your local system, so your organization may have a network drive where various kinds of corporate information is stored (and is backed up on a routine basis). Choose a network folder when working at an organization. This will prevent heartache in case your local machine crashes. If you spend a lot of time working on your local system, consider an external hard drive back up or hosted cloud solution. This will save pain and suffering when taking classes or working on consulting gigs.

When creating a new Project, several templates are provided (Map, Catalog, Global Scene, Local Scene or create a project without a template). If you just need to look at some data and don’t want to create a map or a scene, then choose to Start Pro without a template. The most common template is Map, since this template provides the ESRI Default Topo base map as the default background, which is often helpful for additional reference. This base map can be changed at a later time.