Site Suitability Example

The following steps (pages and videos) show an example of a typical multi-step geospatial analysis process. This example shows an an analysis for a city to determine “where” a medicinal marijuana dispensary can be opened and operated. This analysis is driven by the following conditions (which typically translate into several geoprocessing “analytical” steps).

  • Various “ordinance” restrictions. Ordinances are “rules and laws” created by municipal governments for allowing or restricting various kinds of activities within city limits.
  • Concerns with proximity to schools, parks, and after-school child care facilities
  • Type of land use on parcels

There are of course other considerations for this specific analysis, but these conditions directly relate to this question (or scope) of a site suitability analysis. If this analysis was focused on natural resource management (such as endangered species, specific flora or fauna, or a development project), the questions and conditions and analyses would be different.

The zip file below contains all of the data and ArcGIS Pro Project “package” file (PPKX) that can be extracted and directly used to work through the next series of steps (pages and videos) for a site suitability geographic analysis project.

GIS Analysis Pro Package (zip file) – Make sure to extract the PPKX file after downloading the zip file.