Getting Started

The documents and videos in this section can be used to get introduced to Pro and how to get started using the software.

Working with Pro

Create a Pro Project File

New projects typically require a “new” Pro project file. For learning and experimenting projects can be named and saved to the default location which is: C:\usrers\<user name>\Documents\ArcGIS\Projects. In reality, you don’t often want to save projects to your local system, so your organization may have a network drive where various kinds of corporate information is stored (and is backed up on a routine basis). Choose a network folder when working at an organization. This will prevent heartache in case your local machine crashes. If you spend a lot of time working on your local system, consider an external hard drive back up or hosted cloud solution. This will save pain and suffering when taking classes or working on consulting gigs.

Create a File Geodatabase

Add a Feature Class to a Map Tab

Creating and Using an Attribute Domain and Change the Shape of a Feature

Add a Web GIS Layer to a Map Tab

Change the Pro Color Theme