Components of Pro

Like any other software package, Pro has many components. Essentially, the majority functional areas are:

  • Map Tab – can be many different map tabs. There can be multiple Map tabs and can be uniquely named.
  • Catalog Tab– a place to find map layers in the project file geodatabase, local file system, organizational networks, organizational enterprise spatial data bases, and web map layers (ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise Portals). Catalog can also be viewed as a pane that often is docked on the right side of Pro.
  • Map Layout Tab – can be many different map layout tabs. Often there may be more than one Map layout tab and can be uniquely named.
  • Contents – often docked on the right side of Pro shows a list of map layers for a given map tab. The top of the list shows the Map Tab name (which can be renamed).
  • Analysis Ribbon – often the starting place for geographic analysis (geoprocessing). Click on Tools to activate the full list of toolbox and tool options.
  • Imagery Ribbon – for image processing of all kinds of imagery (rasters), the Imagery ribbon is the starting point. Click on Raster Functions to provide a full list of categorized image processing routines.
  • Share Ribbon – use this ribbon to print a hard copy map, PDF, or one of several options to share a set of map layers to the Web (either ArcGIS Online or an internal Portal).