Spatial Analysis in Web App Builder


Spatial analysis can occur in Web AppBuilder, too through the Analysis Widget.  When the Analysis Widget is added to a Web AppBuilder designer, one can configure one or more “tools.”  The user accesses these “tools” by clicking on the Analysis Widget and filling in the tool parameters for a specific tool and then clicking Run Analysis.

Keep in mind that this analysis is occurring in the cloud and depending on the number of features to process, this could take a long time….the tool may even time out depending on the level of traffic.

Similar to the Analysis tools in the Web Map, the specific needs and objectives for the app and the user need to be thought about.  These tools tend to be complex for the average or basic user of this kind of technology.  If the analysis only needs to be done occasionally, then the option to process the data and post the data into ArcGIS Online may be a much easier way to go.  It will take only storage space credits (which isn’t much) and other simpler options and tools can be configured for the end users (e.g. dashboard with preconfigured filters or using the filter or query widgets).

The link below provides an overview of the Analysis widget and the currently supported tools.

Analysis widget—ArcGIS Web AppBuilder | Documentation