Publish a Feature Class from Pro to ArcGIS Online Feature Layer


A common task to perform in an organization that uses ArcGIS Online or the Portal in ArcGIS Enterprise is to use Pro to publish a feature class from data stored on a local network (using file geodatabase) or using ArcSDE through an enterprise geodatabase (such as SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, etc).

This video reviews the process to publish a feature class to a hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Online.  The same method is used to publish to Portal, but you have to make sure you are publishing to Portal (which would already exist and be set up and provided access to those needed to connect and publish).

This zip file contains the Pro Package File (.PPKX) file that is shown in the video.  Only the “test” data is in the package.  It is recommended to make copies of the data (i.e. Export to separate file geodatabase feature classes to the file geodatabase that exists within the project).  This is shown in the video.

The video also shows how to view Item Details where one can view the attribute domain that is associated with the Material field in each feature class.

Finally, the layers are added to a Web Map.


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