Field Maps


In July 2021 ESRI released the Field Maps mobile app and replaces the Collector App (after Dec 2021, all Collector Apps must be migrated to Field Maps).

Before using a “web map” in the Field Maps Mobile App, one has to have data to add to a web map.

This video shows a simple overview of creating a data layer (actually 2) from within ArcGIS Online (one point, one line), adding some fields and one attribute domain, and making sure at least one (in this case, both) are “editable,” so that data can be collected on Field Maps once a web map is created and saved.  Make sure to check the button for “editing” as well as toggling the button to allow attachments.  Without “editable” features, the web map will not appear in Field Maps.  Without allowing attachments, photos or other attachments will not be available when in the field.

The second video is a short video showing the Field Maps App in use.

Setting up 2 feature layers and a simple web map that can be used in the Field Maps App

NOTE:  This video will mention Collector app, since this video was created before Field Maps came out, but any web map with at least one “editable” layer is required to use Field Maps.

Field Maps App in Use

Make sure to install Field Maps on the mobile device (check out the Apple Store or Google Play for ArcGIS Field Maps).  Both are free apps to download.

  • Make sure to login with your ArcGIS Online organizational account (this is required).
  • Search for the Web Map that is already created that contains at least one editable layer to create or update features.
  • Select the we map to begin. 

Typically, one will be outside and the “location” of the device will be shown or auto center to the devices location.  Without a higher end GPS receiver blue toothed to the mobile device, the device may show poor location.  This is ok, but the actual location may be off.  The accuracy of the location could be 10 to over 100 ft depending on the location of the device and if there are cell towers around.  With a high-end GPS receiver blue toothed to the device, the location can be sub-meter or better.  If the device is in remote condition, make sure to download data (base maps and web maps) to the device before heading out, so one can perform “disconnected editing.”  A sync can occur on the device to the ESRI cloud once the device is in cell service range.

  • Use the “+” Button to bring up the feature list.
  • Choose a feature to add a feature, fill in attributes, and take pictures or add other kinds of attachments (sound, video, documents, other pictures).