Create a Simple Web Map App – Configurable App


Make sure a web map is created before working with any of the web app options.

The simplest way to get started with any of the web app options is to use the Create app button from the My Contents area.

For this example:

  1. Choose the Configurable App option
  2. Choose the Basic Viewer
  3. Use the web map created using the Schools layer or choose a web map of your choice.  The video shows the web map with the City of Sacramento Schools and Council Districts that were found on ArcGIS Online.

This video does not cover too much of the configuration, since most of the configuration relates to color, changing the title, and adding the Edit tool, which will not be added for this example, since none of the map layers have been set to “editable.”  NOTE:  These two layers come from ArcGIS Online.  Since none of us “own” this data, we cannot set the “editing” capability on it….one “could” make a copy, but then it would need to be managed and updated as the source is updated.  There is no automated method to do this.

Create an App using the Configurable App Option

This video shows how to create a web map application using the Create app button in the Contents area of ArcGIS Online.  The Configurable App–Basic Viewer template is used.