Create a Dashboard

Typically, a web map is used as part of a Dashboard, so an existing web map is required or one will need to be created and the layers configured before starting the creation and modification of a Dashboard.

The process to work with Dashboards is:

  1. Configure a web map.  NOTE:  Sharing will have to be set for the map layers and the web map, itself, (and the Dashboard) if the Dashboard is to be used by others than the author/developer/curator of the Dashboard/web map/layers.
  2. Create a Dashboard – can use the “grid” button (upper right) on the organizational ArcGIS Online site (then choose Dashboards) or click the Create App Button in the My Content area (then choose Dashboard)
  3. Configure the Dashboard

Create app – allows the creation of a “new” dashboard.  Add a new title and at least one tag, then click Create Dashboard.

The Grid” tool – allows to continue working on an existing dashboard or create a new dashboard (upper right).

The new Dashboard looks like this (if one of the two methods above is used).