Configure the Basemap Gallery and Search Box Widgets


Adding other widgets is a typical exercise to perform when working in Web App builder.  Two other common options to add to a Web AppBuilder app is:

  1. Basemap Gallery (allows for any ArcGIS Online base map to be used as well as any other “basemap” an organization has added and tagged as a “basemap” to ArcGIS Online). 
  2. Search Box – configure this “widget” to search for values in the map layer data fields and for geocoding (typically, using the ESRI world geocoder).

NOTE:  Typically, organization basemaps may not be added because of the geographic extent may be large and the “map tiles” needed to create and manage these will take up some serious service credits, so be cautious about uploading organizational base maps to ArcGIS Online.  Adding them to Portal is ok, since the storage of these will not incur service credits.  An organization “may” need to acquire Image Server to generate tiled basemaps and raster datasets and mosaics.

This video provides an overview of adding the basemap gallery widget and configuring the search box widget for finding a council member.