Configure an Indicator


Indicator gadgets are common options to provide metrics or stats of data (e.g. counts, percentages, etc).  Like other gadgets, indicators can be affected by Selectors and changes in the map (e.g. zoom level changes, the count changes in the indicator gadget).

The general steps to configure the Indicator gadget are:

  1. Select the Indicator gadget from the dashboard gadget list.
  2. Configure the Data Tab – Choose the map layer, choose the statistic, attribute, and other options as needed.
  3. Configure the Indicator Tab – Provide “top, middle, and bottom text” for the indicator card as needed.  Typically, the top text is added and modified to provide a “title” for the card.  Make other modifications as needed.
  4. Configure the General Tab – Provide a unique name for the indicator.  A “title” can be added here instead of the top text above.  Set last update date/time and other options as desired.
  5. Make other gadget changes in other gadgets as needed.  This can be completed at a different time.
  6. Click Done
  7. Test the functionality of the gadget.


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Gauges may be another similar gadget to consider for a dashboard.

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This video shows how to make some of these changes for an Indicator gadget.