Configure a List


A list gadget is a good option for a user to quickly look through list items (features) view basic information about the feature or click on the feature to see it appear on the map.  If the map layer used in the list has many (dozens, hundreds, or thousands of features), using a Category Selector is a good option to use to apply a filter action on the list to reduce the number of list elements (features).

The basic steps to configure a list are:

  1. Select the List gadget from the gadget list.
  2. Configure the Data Tab – Choose the map layer to use for the list.  Change the maximum number of features in the list, esp if there is a large number of potential features to choose from.  Choose the data attribute to sort by, typically the attribute of interest.
  3. Configure the List Tab – Choose a data field to use in the list, show the symbol, if desired, and make additional color changes for the list
  4. Configure the General Tab – Provide the list gadget a unique name, provide a title for the list gadget, toggle last updated date/time, make other color and toggle changes as desired.
  5. Configure Actions Tab – these include the same options as the Category Selector (Filter, Zoom, Show pop up, Flash, Pan).  Add and configure Targets as needed for other gadgets and layers in the dashboard.  NOTE:  A Filter Action with the “Spatial” option set on the Target limits the features shown on the map. 
  6. Configure other gadgets and options as needed to affect the list.  NOTE:  These configurations can be applied at a later time.
  7. Click Done when the modifications have been completed.
  8. Test the functionality of the list.


List—ArcGIS Dashboards | Documentation

Actions—ArcGIS Dashboards | Documentation

This video shows some of these options to configure a list of park amenities.